• December 11, 2023

A 13-year-old cat at the shelter expresses her longing for a home by scratching at the window whenever someone passes by.

The 13-Year-Old Cat Scratches At The Window When Someone Passes By The Shelter. This sweet feline yearns for a loving and permanent home to call her own.

Sienna, a 13-year-old black and white cat, awaits visitors at Tabby’s Place with a charming greeting and a little dance. This sweet girl has captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter. Despite being overlooked for some time, Sienna found a unique way to seek attention by scratching the glass wall, hoping for someone to notice her and offer her a forever home.

After her human passed away, Sienna found herself at a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. The staff and volunteers adore her, as she eagerly runs to the window whenever she hears someone passing by. Sienna carries the love she had for her previous owner and has so much love to offer in return. Her affectionate nature shines through, captivating all who meet her.

When Sienna spots a new visitor at the shelter, her excitement is palpable. With a wide grin on her face, she leans against the glass window, capturing their attention. If you spend time with her, she will eagerly rub against you, treating you like an instant friend.

Sienna resides in an ‘apartment’ within the shelter, sharing the space with a group of other cats. They have a walkway that leads to a pipe through the hallway, allowing them to access the solarium. The shelter features four suites like this one, as well as smaller, quieter rooms. None of the cats live alone, and unless it is medically necessary, no cat lives in a cage. There’s even a presence of two kittens in the CEO’s office!

According to the volunteer, the perfect home for Sienna would be one with a fenced-in garden, where she can roam freely. It would ideally be a home where the occupants spend a lot of time there and have no issues with accommodating her special diet.

Sienna’s story tugs at the heartstrings as she patiently awaits her forever home. Nevertheless, she continues to radiate a bright smile to everyone who visits, hoping that her wait will be over soon.

The dedicated shelter staff recognizes Sienna’s longing for a home and goes above and beyond to promote her and advocate for her adoption. They showcase her loving personality, gentle nature, and the joy she can bring to a caring family. Utilizing the power of social media, local events, and community outreach, they work tirelessly to find the perfect match for Sienna, someone who will value her unique charm and provide the stability she yearns for.

Sienna’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the countless cats and animals patiently waiting for their forever homes in shelters worldwide. It underscores the significance of adoption and the transformative impact a loving home can have on an animal’s life. By opening our hearts and providing a safe haven, we can change the life of a shelter animal like Sienna, granting them the opportunity to experience the warmth and comfort of a home once again.

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