• December 11, 2023

A little girl’s tears of uncontrollable joy flowed when her lost dog was finally found.

After receiving information about a stray dog spotted in the vicinity, Perez from the Bexar Regional Sheriff’s Office was alerted. Perez remembered seeing a lost dog poster at the establishment in an attempt to locate Max. When the dog was discovered, Perez promptly arrived at the location.

Keeping his promise, Max remained at Limelight Media. Once Perez confirmed that Max belonged to the family, he instructed them to leave as soon as possible.

The circumstances surrounding Max’s survival on his own remain a mystery, despite his family’s longing to have him back.

When Max’s two human siblings were reunited with him, their joy was immeasurable. One of them broke into tears and showered Max with countless hugs.

Thanks to Perez and the compassionate individuals involved, little Max has found a secure home once again. A Good Samaritan spotted him in the area and made the call to report his whereabouts.

It is distressing when pet dogs go missing, considering they are cherished as family members. When Max and his family were reunited, the sheriff’s office shared the story on Facebook, resulting in widespread sharing of the article.

The post garnered over 1500 shares, with one reviewer expressing, “It’s beyond words to see the expressions on these little ladies’ faces.” “Our emotions are deeply influenced by these little creatures. I am thankful for Officer Perez.”

The heartwarming experience of reuniting children with their beloved pets is a rewarding outcome for those involved. Your admirable efforts are truly appreciated. This story has deeply touched the hearts of numerous people online. The sheer happiness radiated by the young girls upon being reunited with their furry friend is unmistakable.


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