• December 11, 2023

After an astonishing 400 days of patiently awaiting adoption, the cat last found a loving home.

For over 400 days, Champas, a scruffy white tomcat, patiently waited for a new forever family at the shelter. Despite his adorable nature, he was often overshadowed due to his shyness and tendency to hide in the shadows, avoiding interactions with others.

Unfortunately, this made it challenging for him to catch the attention of families seeking to add a new member to their household.

To increase Champas’ chances of finding a loving home, the staff at Animal Welfare League NSW in Australia came up with a clever plan. They assigned him a special role within the shelter: the receptionist.

Since December 2015, Champas took on the responsibilities of a diligent intern. With the assistance of a staff member, he tackled tasks such as posting letters, answering phone calls, and managing administrative duties. All the while, Champas continued his search for love, hoping that his unique position would attract the attention of a potential adopter.

To help Champas overcome his communication barriers, the shelter staff devised a creative campaign using handwritten cardboard signs. These signs highlighted Champas as a “single white male looking for love” or an “Office cat with impeccable credentials! – CHAMPAS,” targeting potential adopters who were searching for a feline companion.

The efforts of the staff, as reported by LoveMeow, proved successful in helping Champas break out of his shell. The newfound role as the shelter’s receptionist provided him with opportunities for social interaction, allowing his endearing personality to shine through.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Champas finally found his perfect match in a man named Nathan. The Animal Welfare League NSW shared the wonderful news, stating that Champas went home with Nathan, and despite an initial nibble on Nathan’s hand, he quickly settled down for a peaceful slumber.

It’s truly a delightful happy ending to Champas’ long journey. Finding a loving home and someone who sees past any initial hurdles is a testament to the power of patience, compassion, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. It reminds us of the countless shelter animals still waiting for their own chance at happiness and the transformative impact that adoption can have on their lives.


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