• December 11, 2023

After meeting his new family, this shelter dog ran straight to his new owner and gave her a big hug.

Maggie’s life was filled with pain before she found her forever family, and that experience has made her want to constantly embrace them.

When Maggie met her new family, she ran straight to them and gave them a big hug.

After losing their beloved rescue dog Mischka to cancer, Mary and Mark McGraw were unsure if they wanted to try to fill the emptiness. However, when they met Maggie, she melted their hearts. McGraw shared with Dodo that, at first, they thought meeting Maggie was only a casual “meet and greet” because they had lost their dog just a few months prior and did not feel ready to get a new one at that moment.

On the other hand, Guy has spent many years sharing his life with wild sharks.

Maggie’s charming personality made it an easy decision for the McGraws when Rescue arranged a meet-and-greet with her. Within seconds of meeting her, she had already made herself comfortable on McGraw’s lap, and he knew right away that she had to be a part of their family. Despite her previous owner’s abuse and exploitation for breeding, Maggie’s happy ending is a heartwarming one. She was placed with a caring foster home and underwent recovery before eventually becoming adoptable.

Andra Mack gushed to Dodo about her adorable pup, saying, “She became one of the cutest puppies we have ever had.” When Maggie met her new dad, Mack and her spouse just stared at each other because they knew it was meant to be. It felt like they were in a movie.

In a photo, a white dog is seen relaxing on the lap of her foster caretaker.

Mack had a strong feeling that Maggie and the McGraws were meant to be together when she saw them interact. Maggie seemed to be thanking them by repeatedly hugging them, and it was a heartwarming moment for all involved.

Andra Mack was convinced that the McGraws were destined to be together with Maggie. The radiant sunshine in the sky made her feel that their late dog, Mischka, was looking down on them from above.

The McGraws completely agreed with Mack’s sentiment. Sweet bulldogs need our help to have a better life.

“Maggie makes our lives better and brightens the lives of everyone she meets,” McGraw shared. Just looking into her eyes makes everything feel better.


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