• December 11, 2023

As we left the cemetery, tears welled up in her eyes, she longed for her mother dearly

Upon receiving a distressing video concerning the dogs at the Animal Shelter, the team wasted no time in taking action. The video revealed that two puppies were seen wandering around the cemetery, but when the team arrived, only one puppy remained. The surviving pup had become tangled in the dense undergrowth, falling behind and separated from its companion.

The loss of her mother had left the puppy in a state of profound fear, and her anxiety was evident as she was carefully placed inside the car. While in transit, she underwent testing for enteritis, with the results turning out to be negative.

The graveyard frequently drew in stray animals seeking shelter. Although the environment offered a semblance of safety due to its secluded nature, it also exposed them to various health hazards.

During this period, the primary focus was on finding the missing dog’s family. It took two days of concerted efforts to locate the mother dog. Upon discovering her in a distressed state, immediate action was taken to bring her to the veterinarian for a thorough examination. Given her evident exhaustion, she was provided with ample time to rest and sleep, allowing her to recuperate.

Both she and her mother dog were fortunate to not have any significant health issues, and their overall well-being remained intact. However, sadly, she also contracted the same diarrheal disease that affected her sister. The treatment for this illness proved to be uncomfortable for her.

As they embarked on a new and beautiful chapter in their lives, Chloe’s challenges persisted. She developed a pruritic, red rash that spread across her entire body. After a veterinary examination, she was diagnosed with ringworm, which prolonged the duration of her treatment.

After enduring numerous hardships, their journey led them to the discovery of joy and the formation of a loving family unit with their beloved members. It is a heartwarming conclusion for the mother dog and her puppies, a testament to the resilience of their spirits and the power of love to overcome adversity.

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