• December 11, 2023

Family Gives Terminally Ill Stray One Last Day of Love Before He Passes Away

A charming senior beagle captured the hearts of staff members at Mississippi’s Senatobia-Tate County Animal Refuge when he was brought in as a stray. The dog was discovered wandering alone on the streets of Mississippi by a Good Samaritan.

Upon his arrival at the shelter, the sweet-natured beagle was named Vinny. After a warm wash and a hearty breakfast, Vinny was examined by the shelter’s veterinary team to assess his condition. Unfortunately, it was evident that Vinny had been on his own for a while, leaving the staff concerned that he had been abandoned on the streets.

In addition to his rough appearance, Vinny was also suffering from a severe skin disease that had caused hair loss in various areas. His nails were also extremely long and unkempt, making it painful for him to walk.

Tragically, Vinny’s troubles did not end there. The medical team discovered that he had a severe heartworm infection and a fatal amount of fluid in his lungs. The compassionate individuals who had saved Vinny’s life were faced with the heartbreaking truth that Vinny was reaching the end of his life.

Despite knowing that Vinny was not an ideal candidate for adoption due to his poor health, a rescue worker named Ashley made a last-ditch effort to find him a loving home. She shared Vinny’s story with her friend Rachel, who had a home filled with love.

Without hesitation, Rachel picked up Vinny from the rescue, determined to ensure that he spent his remaining days in comfort and safety. Rachel’s two children immediately fell in love with the sweet senior beagle, affectionately calling him their “puppy” and vying for his attention.

Tragically, Vinny passed away the following night.

Although it is heartbreaking that Vinny passed away so soon after being rescued, it is comforting to know that he was showered with pure love in his final days. Rachel and her children lavished Vinny with hugs, kisses, and delicious meals, ensuring that he felt loved and cherished until the end. He passed away in a warm and safe environment, surrounded by people who loved him.

On Facebook, supporters of the animal sanctuary have expressed their deep affection and appreciation for Rachel and her family. One commenter stated, “This story made me cry. It’s sad that the puppy died so young…but it died loved. Vinny has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for rescuing his precious soul. You ARE a hero…”

Hopes that Buddy’s story will inspire others to show compassion to animals in need.

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