• December 11, 2023

Mike Tyson’s unexpected decision creates a rift with AEW, raising eyebrows and generating intrigue within the wrestling world.

The conflicting forces of financial gain and personal passion have led to a surprising decision by Mike Tyson, placing him in opposition to AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and causing a stir within the wrestling community. This unexpected development has garnered attention and raised eyebrows, as Tyson’s actions diverge from what was anticipated in the wrestling world.

In the realm of wrestling, Mike Tyson has made notable appearances in both WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Surprisingly, the boxing legend has expressed a preference for WWE over AEW. In a conversation with WWE icon The Undertaker, Tyson disclosed that AEW President Tony Khan had expressed interest in having him on their show. However, Tyson turned down the offer, emphasizing that he prioritized the opportunity to be part of WWE, even if it meant forgoing a potentially higher monetary offer from AEW. His loyalty and desire to work with Vince McMahon, the head of WWE, held greater significance for Tyson.

During a recent episode of his “Hotboxin” YouTube channel, Mike Tyson had The Undertaker as a guest. Tyson revealed to The Undertaker that Tony Khan, the president of AEW, expressed interest in having him on their show. However, Tyson made it clear that he prioritized the opportunity to be a part of WWE, even if it meant turning down a potentially higher monetary offer from AEW.

“Tony Khan and those guys. These guys wanted to put me on the show and stuff before. But I don’t care if they have more money. If Vince puts me on the show, I’d rather go there even though they (AEW) offer more money,” Tyson stated during the conversation.

A member of the Jericho Appreciation Society, known as “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, stumbled upon the tweet and responded by saying, “What a mark.”

It is true that Mike Tyson has made five appearances in AEW. His initial appearance dates back to the Double or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view, where he was present ringside for the inaugural AEW TNT Title match between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer.

Tyson’s most recent AEW appearance was at Rampage last year, during which he primarily occupied a seat at the commentary booth.

It should also be noted that Mike Tyson played a significant role in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s coronation in the world of professional wrestling.

Indeed, Stone Cold Steve Austin was being positioned as the next beloved champion in WWE during that time. His scheduled match at WrestleMania 14 was set against Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship. To add excitement to the match, Mike Tyson was brought in as the special enforcer.

In the buildup to the event, Tyson initially revealed his association with Shawn Michaels’ faction, D-Generation X (DX). However, as the match approached, Tyson surprised everyone by revealing that he was actually on Austin’s side. During the match, Tyson played a crucial role by counting to three, declaring Austin the winner. This victory marked Austin’s first world championship reign in WWE and signaled the beginning of the famed Austin Era.

In addition to his involvement in the match, Tyson also engaged in a physical altercation with Michaels after their argument. Tyson’s knockout punch to Michaels further added to the intense atmosphere surrounding the event.

For his contributions to WWE and his memorable moments, Tyson was honored with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

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