• December 11, 2023

Patches’ Purfect Adventure: Going from Overweight to Overjoyed in a New Home with a Customized Diet

Similar to other animals, cats can gain excess weight due to a variety of factors, such as overfeeding, lack of physical activity, or genetics, which can reduce their lifespan and increase their risk of diseases.

One affectionate cat named Patches was brought to Richmond Animal Care and Control weighing a staggering 40.3 pounds. The shelter shared his photo on Facebook, and he quickly found a committed new owner who pledged to put him on a special diet and exercise plan.

Transporting Patches from the facility required assistance from another person due to his weight. His new caregiver, Kay Ford, has promised to create a social media account for Patches to document his weight-loss journey, so those interested can follow his progress.

Fortunately, Patches didn’t have to wait long to find a loving forever home after his photo went viral. Credit goes to the RACC shelter for their tireless efforts in rehoming him.

Patches is now happily settled in his new home at the RACC shelter, where he has been introduced to a cat and a dog. We were curious about how Patches was received by his new furry siblings, and Kay shared her experience. According to her, the 13-year-old Yorkie named Bella was unfazed by Patches’ arrival and was excited to have a new buddy. On the other hand, Wellesley took some time to warm up to Patches and initially hissed at him. However, after a few days, Wellesley started to get along with Patches and even became his friend.

While many people find overweight cats cute and charming, it’s important to recognize that Patches’ excess weight could have jeopardized his health. We must give credit to Patches’ Journey for providing the image.

Kay from Patches’ Journey has created a weight-loss program for Patches to help him shed his extra pounds. However, Kay emphasizes that their plan may not be suitable for every pet, and it’s crucial to consult with a veterinarian before starting any weight-loss program for your furry friend. Therefore, it’s always recommended to seek professional advice before following Patches’ weight loss plan.

Patches’ Journey has implemented a specialized diet and exercise regimen to assist their furry friend in losing weight.

Kay has devised a comprehensive plan for Patches’ diet and exercise routine. Although Patches hasn’t been prescribed any special food, Kay has received a list of four high-quality canned food brands to incorporate into his diet.

Their goal is to provide Patches with an all-wet food diet with broth instead of gravy since cats typically don’t get enough hydration from their water bowl alone. Although Patches enjoys kibble, they are reducing the amount and aiming to sprinkle a tiny amount on his wet food. Kay hasn’t revealed any specific brands yet since they’re still testing to find the one Patches likes best. Patches eats small meals throughout the day since he isn’t a big eater.

Regarding exercise, Kay understands that cats don’t follow a routine. They engage in play for about 10 minutes, at least four times a day. Walking is not recommended due to the strain on Patches’ joints, but he moves around and plays more at night.

A Facebook follower donated a cat wheel, which Patches might enjoy, and another donated an inclined cat scratcher complete with catnip. Furthermore, a company has provided a cat scale and an app for electronic monitoring of Patches’ weight and nutrition, avoiding the need to stress him out by taking him back and forth for weigh-ins. Kay will share Patches’ weight every week and provide more detailed plan updates later.

If you’re interested in following Patches’ progress, you can check out the Facebook page created by his new owner, Kay Ford. There, you can see how Patches is doing and what he’s been up to. The credit for the images goes to Patches’ Journey, and we should always give credit where it’s due.

Kay deserves all the credit for the popularity of Patches’ weight loss journey. She came up with the idea to share Patches’ progress and well-being with others through a Facebook page. When asked about the inspiration behind this idea, Kay mentioned that she believed people would appreciate seeing Patches in good health and keeping them updated on his progress. Since then, the Facebook page has exceeded all expectations and reached a broader audience than ever before.

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