• December 11, 2023

Portrait of the Woman Who ‘Salvation’ Mike Tyson’s Life

The boxing legend Mike Tyson is currently leading a peaceful life after going through ups and downs, and his current wife, Lakiha Spicer, is the woman who saved his life.

Before marrying his current wife, Lakiha Spicer, also known as Kiki, Mike Tyson had been married twice. The first was to model Robin Givens in 1988, whom Tyson caught in bed with Brad Pitt. He then had a six-year marriage with Dr. Monica Turner.

Kiki first met Tyson at the age of 18 when they were introduced by Don King after one of Mike’s fights. However, they didn’t start dating and get married until 2009 – two weeks after the death of Tyson’s daughter, Exodus.

In the past, Kiki was sentenced to six months in federal prison for defrauding a company owned by her father of £60,000. Kiki claimed to be a teacher at Sister Clara Muhammad School, but she was accused of using the school as a means to launder money.

Before going to prison, Kiki revealed to Tyson that she was pregnant. Tyson promised, “When you get out, I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll be there for you and our child. From here on out, I promise I won’t get anyone else pregnant. I’ll tell them about you, that I’ll come back to you once you’re out.”

Mike Tyson’s first wife, Robin Givens, caused him significant pain and suffering.


However, promises are just promises. Six months apart from Kiki, Tyson returned to a path of addiction, using drugs and spending nights with other women. In December 2008, Kiki was released from prison and gave birth to a daughter named Milan.

They thought the arrival of their little angel would bring them a new happy life, but at that time, Tyson had to go through rehab. During Tyson’s rehab, Kiki had to raise their child alone and struggle with financial difficulties. At that time, the former heavyweight boxing champion, who had earned the most money in history, had only $7,000 left in his bank account, not enough to support his wife and child.

After completing rehab, Tyson returned to live with Kiki and their daughter. However, just after two weeks, Tyson relapsed. Kiki then thought she had to find ways to keep her husband away from drugs. She tirelessly researched various sources, determined to help her husband overcome this challenge.

After several cycles of relapse and recovery, Kiki decided to bring Tyson back to rehab. In his autobiography, Tyson said, “I asked her for one more chance to correct myself. Kiki agreed, and I’ve been drug and alcohol-free ever since.”

After stumbling through life, losing fame and fortune, only Kiki remained by Tyson’s side. “I’m so happy that Kiki and I met. I don’t know if I could have survived without her,” Tyson said in an interview with People magazine.

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