• December 9, 2023

The dog experiences sadness and fear, anticipating that its later years will be filled with unhappiness.

Isumu, a dog, had never known the feeling of love. He was left near a shelter, abandoned to survive on his own along the roadside.

With a visible scar across his neck, stained with blood from the shackles that once bound him, every step he took caused him pain due to his overgrown nails. His body bore marks of rabies wounds, and he emitted a distinct odor of decaying flesh.

Despite enduring immense suffering, Isumu’s eyes continued to hold a glimmer of life, suggesting his capacity to experience emotions such as fear, humility, and hope. He fervently prayed to God, longing for someone to come to his aid and rescue him from his anguish.

Fortuitously, a volunteer discovered Isumu near the shelter and promptly brought him there. Isumu received the necessary medical attention and was provided with a comfortable bed to rest in. He was bathed and his wounds were tenderly cleansed. Moreover, he was given nourishment and hydration, allowing him to feel cared for and loved for the first time in a long while.

Day 10: Isumu’s condition showed signs of improvement. His wounds began to heal, and his fur started regrowing. The stench of decaying flesh dissipated, and a spark of delight and contentment could be seen in his eyes.

Day 80: At long last, a wonderful family visited the shelter with the intention of adopting a dog. Upon laying eyes on Isumu, they were instantly captivated by his presence and fell deeply in love with him.

They sensed the strength and resilience that lay beneath his rugged exterior, and they were certain that he was the perfect dog for them. Isumu’s new family brought him to his new home, where he was embraced with boundless love and unwavering dedication.


Gone were the days of silently enduring suffering or desperately yearning for salvation. Finally, Isumu had found a place to call home, surrounded by a family who cherished him unconditionally.


It is truly heart-wrenching to imagine the pain and neglect Isumu experienced throughout his life. But with love, care, and proper treatment, there is hope that his journey will take a positive turn. With the support of compassionate individuals and rescue organizations, Isumu can be given a chance to heal both physically and emotionally, and to finally experience the love and care he deserves.


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