• December 11, 2023

The miraculous journey of Journey the dog: abandoned and deprived of food, reduced to mere skin and bones, too weak to stand.

A tale of a neglected dog, deprived of food, reduced to mere skin and bones, too weak to even stand.

The sorrowful gaze in Brighe’s eyes speaks volumes of the injustice she endured. Despite her owners’ claim that she had run away on Halloween of 2020 and remained missing, the truth behind her condition was revealed upon their reunion. Brighe was found in a critical state, unable to stand or walk independently. Realizing their inability to provide the necessary care, her owners made the difficult decision to surrender her to a rescue organization.

The rescue team quickly recognized that Brighe’s deteriorated state was not a result of prolonged stray life but a deliberate act of starvation inflicted by someone who knew exactly what they were doing. Her recovery required a slow and cautious refeeding process to prevent organ failure. However, Brighe displayed immense resilience, fighting against the odds. After several days of dedicated care at the hospital, she finally regained the ability to eat on her own.

As the days went by, Brighe’s remarkable journey of healing continued. With each passing day, she made significant strides towards recovery. Her weight increased, and she regained her ability to walk independently. The foster family that took her in showered her with love and provided the necessary care for her healing process. Through their unwavering support, Brighe’s gentle and forgiving nature began to shine brightly once again.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived—the day when Brighe would find her forever home. She seamlessly settled into her foster home, embracing her new surroundings with enthusiasm. Engaging in playful activities with her toys and savoring meals provided every four hours, Brighe thrived. Her progress was nothing short of remarkable, and before long, she was able to enjoy daily walks and even started learning leash manners.

Brighe’s transformation from a neglected and frail dog to a resilient and joyful companion was a testament to her strength and the love and dedication she received from her foster family.

Brighe’s remarkable journey still had one more chapter to unfold. After 62 days of healing and perseverance, she found her forever home with a loving family who welcomed her with open arms. In her new home, Brighe discovered a new sister and parents who were overflowing with excitement to have her as part of their family. With each passing day, Brighe continues to demonstrate her strength and resilience, proving that love and forgiveness can triumph even in the face of unimaginable cruelty.


Brighe’s story serves as a powerful reminder that every dog deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life. It showcases the transformative power of care and support, demonstrating that even the most broken souls can heal and thrive. Brighe’s journey inspires us to believe in the potential for healing and redemption, and to advocate for the well-being and welfare of animals in need.


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