• December 11, 2023

The rescuer who returned to adopt him provided a permanent home for the abandoned puppy.

When a man stumbled upon an abandoned pitbull puppy, he felt an immediate urge to rescue the small dog and save its life. The puppy was in critical condition, and its survival was uncertain. However, thanks to the man’s prompt actions, the puppy was able to recover at an animal shelter.

When the time came for the puppy to find a new home, the shelter staff wanted to ensure that it would be placed with someone truly deserving. They contacted a particular individual whom they knew would be a perfect match for the puppy: its rescuer.

Fortunately, the man expressed a strong desire to adopt the puppy, and their heartwarming reunion was captured in a video that is guaranteed to melt your heart.

Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia, discovered the abandoned pit bull puppy in distressing conditions. The poor little dog was suffering from mange, malnourishment, and fearfulness. Without hesitation, Joey made the decision to rescue the puppy and immediately brought him to a veterinary clinic for proper care.

Following a period of treatment at the clinic, the puppy was transferred to a nearby animal shelter, where he would receive ongoing care until he was healthy enough to find a permanent home. The shelter staff affectionately named him Mojo, symbolizing his fortunate turn in life. The time had come for this endearing puppy to find his well-deserved happy ending.

With Mojo finally reaching a state of good health, the time had come for him to find a loving home. Given that puppies are often adopted swiftly, the shelter staff anticipated that Mojo wouldn’t remain with them for long. However, when they contemplated who would have the honor of becoming Mojo’s adoptive parent, one person immediately came to mind.

The staff wasted no time in reaching out to Joey, the compassionate individual who had initially rescued Mojo. Joey was thrilled to learn about Mojo’s improved condition and readily agreed to adopt him. On the day of their long-awaited reunion, shelter workers were prepared with cameras to capture the heartwarming moment on video.

The heartwarming video was uploaded to YouTube by The Dodo, captivating an audience of 1.3 million viewers from all corners of the globe. The footage captures Mojo’s pure joy upon reuniting with his rescuer after weeks of separation. The affectionate pup showers Joey with licks, playful nips, and even attempts to remove his dad’s hat.

It is evident that Mojo remembers his compassionate rescuer, and their bond is undeniable. Shelter workers are amazed by the instant connection between the two, with one staff member remarking, “Wow… He plays with us, but not like that!”

The love and care bestowed upon Mojo by everyone involved is apparent. Another worker, moved by the interaction between Joey and Mojo, confesses, “It’s making me teary-eyed,” while acknowledging the bittersweet nature of the moment, adding, “We’ll definitely miss him.”

Now, the moment has arrived for Mojo to embark on his journey to his forever home. Taking an animal home from a shelter is an incredibly special moment, and we are delighted that it was captured on camera. Witness the heartwarming moment below.

At approximately eight years old, Mojo is now enjoying his best life alongside Joey. Word has it that he is thoroughly spoiled, and there’s no doubt that he will continue to lead a joy-filled existence with the man who selflessly rescued him all those years ago.


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