• December 11, 2023

This boy, abandoned by his parents, found love in the arms of a dog.

Meet Rommel Kemenales, an 11-year-old boy from Quezon City in the Philippines who has been living apart from his parents since they separated when he was very young. He also has an older sister who lives in a different city due to lack of funds to travel. Since finishing second grade, Rommel has had to live on the streets and beg for food to survive.

Having been abandoned by his loved ones, the boy had no choice but to quit school at an early age. Nevertheless, Rommel has always expressed his desire to pursue his education. This young boy has a strong attachment to his dog, and their pictures have gone viral on the internet, winning the hearts of thousands of people around the world. After his story gained widespread attention on social media, Rommel became somewhat of a sensation.

In 2018, Maria Cubs shared pictures of the boy and his dog on her Facebook page, which she had taken after spotting them on the street. The woman was so impressed that she felt compelled to capture the image of these two amazing friends.

The story quickly went viral after a photo of Rommel sleeping with his dog in his arms surfaced, showing them finding solace in each other during their difficult circumstances.

Rommel credits Baja, a stray dog that he encountered on the streets, with bringing him peace. They have since become close companions and inspire each other to keep pushing forward in life.

Rommel made it a point to share his food with his closest friend every day, even though they were both beggars. In return, Badji always looked out for his friend and protected him from other children on the street.

Each night, the two friends cuddled together and slept peacefully, seeking respite from the hardships of their daily lives. Despite the difficult circumstances they faced, their friendship gave them hope and brought joy to their lives.

With Baji by his side, Rommel no longer felt alone or vulnerable to bullying. The little pup didn’t judge his friend based on his social status or wealth; he simply craved love and companionship.

According to Yan.vn, with the help of many kind-hearted individuals and the widespread attention brought by Maria’s viral post about Baja and Rommel’s friendship, the young boy is now attending school and working towards a brighter future with his beloved companion.

Despite the challenges and hardships that he has faced at such a young age, Rommel remains optimistic, filled with love and hope, and grateful for the special bond that he shares with his faithful dog.


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